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Blackberry vs. iPhone

When you’ re ready to trade in your ordinary cell phone for something with all the bells and whistles, the choice will probably come down to an iPhone or a Blackberry.  So what will it be?  Here are some Blackberry vs the iPhone opinions from users and shoppers that might help you make your decision.

The Blackberry

Early on, the Blackberry leaped into the forefront with business users.  It was quickly adopted as the standard status symbol for corporate executives as well as aspiring managers and recently minted MBA’s.  The Blackberry allowed busy business people to maintain 24/7 contact with their e-mail and unseated the Palm as the organizer of choice. They were the new toy the business elite and the up-and-coming elite had to have. Suddenly an ordinary cell phone was just not enough.

The Blackberry Pearl continues to draw in a loyal base of users.  It has enough capacity for music and video to keep the stranded airline flyer amused.  And the QWERTY keyboard makes e-mailing and texting as familiar and easy as using a laptop. The smaller size appeals to those who don’t want to carry around the larger and heavier iPhone.

The price of a Blackberry Pearl, around $199, is another big draw. Users who are looking for business functionality are happier paying the lower price and keeping their music collection on an iPod.

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