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Time is fleeting but finding bargains takes little time at all when you have in your hand a mobile device that includes Internet access among its miniature bundle of joys. Gizmos abound that can tap into sites specializing in all kinds of delights—tropical vacations, new and used cars, birthday gifts and five-star hotels. All you need is a Web-enabled smart phone, a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), a Web-enabled two-way pager or some other mobile device that is equipped for cyber surfing—and cyber shopping.


Educational travel and learning vacations: How about taking a mule trip along the edge of the Grand Canyon? It’s a great way to learn about geology and experience a trip back in time complete with expert narrative from a seasoned professional guide. Elderhostel has been called a university without walls. Book a trip to New Orleans and learn about jazz. Take a cruise to Alaska to see glaciers and wildlife. Go almost anywhere. You’ll learn a lot and make some great friends once you visit: Elderhostel


Speedboats and powerboats: You can spend months traipsing across the country and visiting various marinas to find your next dreamboat. But the quest could wind up being a costly adventure and an unsuccessful disappointment if Lady Luck is not along for the ride. Why not shop the easy way? Shop online and access photos, manufacturing details, prices and lots of boat info by visiting: FirstBoat.


Vacations for families, couples, singles: Get away from it all—in paradise. Imagine a full moon surrounded by stars that seem so low on the horizon you could reach up and touch one. There are such places. There is a perfect vacation for any couple and any single person in need of something different. Destinations ranging from beach-side cabins to resort-style hotels with amenities such as poolside massage and cocktails are easy to access online: Honeymoons-in-Paradise.


Antiques and collectibles: Don’t doubt that you can spend an entire evening at home browsing through thousands of items with your name written all over them. That’s true. But if you’re in a rush or you want to check right away some comparable prices on an item you see in a dusty little antiques shop, consider consulting a giant: ebay.


Timeshares and resort destinations: Industry sources note that some nine million families in more than 90 countries take part in a lifestyle that truly is a vacation experience. Tropical locales, winter ski resorts and mountain hideaways that flank crystal clear lakes can be accessed for time periods that suit you—the timeshare owner. Information about choosing the perfect destination and educational resources about the timeshare way of life are easily accessible by those who inquire online: Timeshares.


Decorator items for the Home: There’s a wide range of prices out there for goods found at home decorating centers and boutiques that specialize in lighting, window treatments and exotic accessories such as zebra-look pillows and rugs. Compare prices and select your best bargains with a quick trip to this search engine, one that harbors a massive collection of products that stand up to close scrutiny: pricegrabber.


Property values and descriptions: Thousands of properties are available in all parts of the country. Some are up for grabs for very little money. A variety of reasons ranging from population shift to mortgage woes has placed a multitude of privately owned homes on the market. Find out about their features and get important details about a property by visiting this site: zillow.


Herbs and natural medicinal remedies: When it comes to your health, it’s best to patronize for your herbs, vitamins, minerals and other needs a source that has been a staple in the wellness community since 1924. Penn Herb is a place that emphasizes quality and freshness. It carries hard-to-find, all-natural remedies, in addition to essential oils, teas, soothing skin products and much more. Visit: Penn Herb Co. Ltd.  


Radios, CD players and DVD ensembles: There are so many makes and models of products that entertain and amuse. Quality is important if a machine is to last through the hard use bestowed by various members of today’s active families. Size is a consideration in these days of space saving. You can access everything about entertainment products and obtain quick comparisons with a look at this site: Google Mobile.


Apparel, jewelry and sporting goods: High-end goods that often cost thousands in retail stores may cost less at a place you have not considered checking. Jewelry such as diamond earrings and men’s gold watches are treats purchased once in a great while for special occasions. Expensive sports items such as golf clubs and their leather bags also are once-in-a-while purchases. Compare and get the lowdown on prices by visiting: overstock.

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